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The Drugmakers Have Abandoned All Pretense of Being on Our Side

May 15, 2021

Hot on the heels of the publication of David Healy’s Shipwreck of the Singular comes a paper in Neuropsychopharmacology by Elan Cohen and seven of his colleagues which demonstrates why Shipwreck was needed in the first place.

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Health Services, Bullshit Jobs, and the Defining Struggle of the Twenty-First Century

February 23, 2021

Beginning in 2014, life expectancy in the United States dropped every year for five years straight. This was before the time of Covid, by the way. This is an absolutely unprecedented development which has been completely ignored by the mainstream media.

What is behind this staggering drop in life expectancy? David Healy, a professor of Family Medicine at McMaster University in Ontario, points the finger at a health care system which is centered not on delivering care to the ailing but diseases to those who didn’t even know they were sick – and which also is set up to deliver adverse consequences, up to and including death, with impunity.

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A Bad Penny

December 16, 2020

Like a bad penny, this one just keeps coming back.

As youth prescriptions for antidepressants have skyrocketed, so have youth suicides. A recent diatribe in MedPage Today by Stephen Soumeri and Ross Koppel is the latest attempt in an ongoing campaign to blame soaring rates on youth suicides not on the drugs but on the FDA black box warning linking these drugs to youth suicide –  an idea was first put forth by statistician Robert Gibbons in 2007. It was easily refuted by data then, and it is just as easily refuted now.

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